Management Training Scheme (MTS)

Graduate trainees

Trainee: Robert Peterson

TYPE: Finance


Job Title: Head of External Financial Performance (NHS Boards & Special Health Boards)

Before the NHS management scheme:

  • Hons Degree in Geography,UniversityofStrathclyde, Graduated 1990
  • 6 Years working in Timber Trade - Importation, Manufacturing and Sales

What was it like being a National Trainee?

Above all, it was a great opportunity to get good experience right from the beginning of a new career.  Beyond that it was fun, daunting, inspiring and even occasionally humbling.  The mentoring and support I received throughout my training period was well beyond what you would normally expect to receive.

After completing the scheme:

  • Management Accountant within Primary Care
  • Management Accountant within Acute Care
  • System Design & Build - Shared Support Services (England)
  • Finance Manager - Special Health Boards - Scottish Government
  • Head of External Financial Performance- Scottish Government

A career in the NHS (15 years) has provided me with a range of opportunities to develop my role both within the finance/accountancy profession and as a manager.  Few employers would be able to offer similar breadth.

The CIPFA Qualification has greatly assisted my career.  At interview it is regarded as the Public Sector benchmark, allowing employers to focus on other aspects of your experience and knowledge.  It also prepares you well for the reality of what is expected from a modern finance professional.

The NHSScotland Financial Management Training Scheme was an exceptional opportunity, run by an enthusiastic management team that focussed on the objective of producing suitably skilled and experienced NHS managers.  Placements were well thought through, with an appropriate balance of challenge and support.

I enjoy working for the NHS for a number of reasons.  Excellent terms and conditions of employment allow me to balance my career with family and other commitments.  The range of issues I get involved with keeps the work fresh, challenging and interesting.  Finally there is a real sense of an NHS community, where we all make our contribution for the benefit of patients.