Management Training Scheme (MTS)

Graduate trainees

Trainee: Pamela McLauchlan

TYPE: Finance


Before the NHS management scheme:

  • Higher Diploma In Prosthetics andOrthoticsStrathclydeUniversity
  • NHS Prosthetist/Orthotist 8 Years
  • BSc ( Hons) InHealthcare Management QueenMargaretUniversity
  • NHS Manager In Prosthetics and Orthotics 8 years

Coming from an NHS clinical background I find that my financial skills and experience combined with my clinical knowledge allow me to negotiate and influence staff within the NHS at all levels.  The numbers are the easy bit; the skills you develop through the CIPFA scheme and as a National Management Trainee allow you to develop your business and people skills to enable you to really make a difference to the NHS.

The NHS offers you the opportunity to develop new ways of working and lead on initiatives that make a difference to the patient at the end of the day.  There are various roles within finance and the wider NHS that are available to you after completion of the training and your future and the direction you wish to take is in your hands.  However you will find that the breadth and depth of the training you are provided with offers you the best opportunity to make your career fulfilling and personally rewarding.

The current economic situation is making resource management in the NHS and wider public sector particularly challenging.  However the skills you learn with NHS Management Scheme equip you better than most to meet these challenges.  To be able to lead and direct services that make a difference to people lives is extremely rewarding and a career in the NHS within financial management will always be challenging and enjoyable.