Management Training Scheme (MTS)

Graduate trainees

Trainee: Katie Edwards

TYPE: General Management


"A Day in the Life"

Placement: West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP)

Responsibilities/Remit: As CHCP Development Manager I am responsible for the implementation and development of the West Lothian CHCP which brings together primary and social care services within one integrated management structure.

A Typical Day

8.30am - 9am
After arriving at the office usually have time to catch up with team members and hear about weekend/evening antics before checking and responding to emails over a cuppa!

9am - 10.30am
At a local Health Centre I have a one-to-one with a local Partnership (staff side/union) Representative to provide an update on progress and developments, and to discuss various options for how the CHCP can ensure that front-line staff are adequately represented in its governance and committee structures.

10.30am - 11.30am
Over to West Lothian Council Headquarters I meet with the Director of the CHCP to discuss the draft CHCP Work Plan which details the aims, targets and objectives for the CHCP and the Senior Management Team over the next two years. Tomorrow I will finalise the draft and ultimately ensure it is tabled for formal sign off through the relevant forums in each partner organisation.

11.30am - 1.30pm
Back to the peace and quiet of my office to draft detailed proposals of the CHCP governance structures and the practical arrangements for how they will operate. It will take quite a few hours to sift through the Scottish Executive Guidance, the NHS Lothian CHP Proposals and devise ways to put meat to the bones and find ways to make the basic structural ideas become a practical reality. This is only the beginning in that all key stakeholders and mangers will need to be consulted and given the opportunity to input into these arrangements so we can ensure we have a functioning CHCP ready to focus on service development.

1.30pm - 6pm
My afternoon is spent with colleagues from local authorities, the voluntary sector, carers' organisations, service users and members from across Lothian at a specially organised event aimed at analysing existing methods of public involvement and devising mechanisms to improve engagement and ensure service responsiveness. Given the significance of the NHS for most tax payers it is not surprising that there were some lively debates in many of the workshops! These deliberations and the ideas from the workshops will be used to inform the development of Public Participation Forums in the CHCP and other CHPs across Lothian.

Katie Edwards Lothian NHS Management Trainee 2004 - 2006