Management Training Scheme (MTS)

Graduate trainees

Trainee: Elaine Lawther

TYPE: Finance


Job Title: Head of Finance Training & Support Unit

Before the NHS management scheme:

  • B Acc Hons in Accountancy, University of Stirling
  • Scholarship at University of Kansas,USA

What was it like being a National Trainee?

At university I had a strong interest in public policy development and I always knew I wanted to work in the public sector.  I chose CIPFA to continue my professional training and joined the NHS Financial Management Training Scheme in 1991, straight from university.  I have found my time in the NHS challenging, thrilling and enormously rewarding.  I am honoured to be part of a huge team of people focussed on delivering the highest quality of healthcare to the people ofScotland.

After completing the scheme:  

  • Project Accountant for the national ISD Costs Book Team, taking on management for the project after the first year.
  • Corporate Accountant for the NHS Common Services Agency, with responsibility for systems development and process redesign initiatives
  • Financial Analyst / Auditor with Scottish Higher Education Funding Council to develop my assurance and governance skills
  • Financial Analyst in Scottish Government Health Department, including a secondment to West Lothian Healthcare NHS Trust in the role of Deputy Director of Finance
  • Various roles in NHS Lothian, joining the senior finance team after a period in Surgical Services Management Accounts
  • Currently Head of the Finance Training & Support Unit, NHS Education forScotland, working within the National Leadership Unit.

In 2006 I was invited to join NHS Education forScotlandas Head of the Finance Training & Support Unit, working with each of the finance teams across 23 different health organisations to promote access to learning.  Having been given such great support at the start of my own NHS career I am delighted to be able to ensure that finance staff at all levels are also given support appropriate to their needs.

In 2011 I was given the opportunity to manage the national graduate finance and general management training schemes.  This is a great opportunity to support the leaders of the future.