Management Training Scheme (MTS)

Leadership and management

Be the Best You Can Be

This short animation describes the NHSScotland approach to leadership development.

Leadership and Management Capabilities

The capability framework provides an outline of the six leadership capabilities you will be measured against throughout the three-year graduate training scheme.

Leadership and Management Capability Framework diagram

1. Self Leadership (Recognising, exercising and improving own leadership)

1.1 Demonstrating and adapting leadership

I lead by example and adapt my personal leadership and communication style to gain the support of others. I apply a flexible mind-set and play an active role in achieving the best outcomes for people who use services, carers and the community.

1.2 Improving own leadership

I challenge myself to do new things to become a better leader. I identify my own strengths and limitations and invite insight and feedback from a variety of sources including people who use services, carers and colleagues.

1.3 Enabling intelligent risk-taking

I seek, encourage and recognise creative solutions to deliver better services. I empower and involve others in analysing and evaluating data from various sources to identify risks and make informed decisions to transform services.

1.4 Demonstrating and promoting resilience

I am resolute in the face of challenge and constraints and am able to move past setbacks. I create a culture that encourages others to adapt to changing circumstance and overcome obstacles whilst remaining focussed on goals and plans.

1.5 Challenging discrimination and inequality

I actively promote a diverse and inclusive culture through openness and approachability. I create a culture that empowers others to challenge inappropriate behaviour, however uncomfortable, and deal with complex ethical and work related issues using transparent and fair processes.


2. Creativity and innovation (Finding different ways of thinking and doing)

2.1 Seeing opportunities to do things differently

I have the courage to take risks, rethink systems and act on opportunities to make on-going improvements. I balance tacit knowledge with evidence-based research and trends from local, national and international sources to improve the way things are done.

2.2 Promoting creativity and innovation

I create an ethos that values creativity and innovation at every level of the organisation.  I create a culture of imaginative thinking, encourage learning from experience and accept responsibility for outcomes from errors or failure.

2.3 Leading and managing change

I foster an environment of innovation and change. I communicate goals, involve partners and stakeholders and build acceptance by ensuring that people have the skills and abilities to achieve change at work and beyond.


3. Collaborating and influencing (Leading together for better outcomes) 

3.1 Leading partnership working

I provide a dynamic link between my service area, other agencies and wider networks. I progress objectives and shared interests that improve outcomes for people who use services, carers and the community.

3.2 Understanding and valuing the perspectives of others

I manage a wide range of complex perspectives to seek constructive outcomes. I manage and challenge assumptions and consider a range of potential consequences to reach compromise that enables progress.

3.3 Influencing people

I build strong working relationships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders. I use a range of influencing strategies to bring others with me towards a shared solution or outcome.


4. Vision (Seeing what is possible for people who use services, carers and communities now and in the future)

4.1 Seeing how best to make a difference

I develop a shared vision by working in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders. I develop clear goals and plans that align with the vision and improve outcomes for people who use services, carers and the community.

4.2 Communicating and promoting ownership of the vision

I act as a role model and fully engage with leaders in partner organisations. I convey purpose and direction in a way which encourages ownership of a shared vision that improves outcomes for people who use services, carers and the community.

4.3 Promoting a public service ethos

I promote a shared vision internally and externally with integrity and enthusiasm. I demonstrate confidence and build a sense of pride and passion in delivering services that meet the diverse needs of individuals and society as a whole.

4.4 Thinking and planning strategically

I identify strategic options to deliver clearly defined common goals. I engage key individuals and groups to critically review current thinking, identify best practice and create strategic plans that are challenging yet realistic and achievable.


5. Motivating and inspiring others (Leading by example)

5.1 Inspiring people by personal example

I lead with passion, energy and enthusiasm. I ensure visibility, deliver on results and communicate in a candid and truthful way to motivate and inspire everyone around me.

5.2 Recognising and valuing the contribution of others

I actively encourage others to share responsibility through active contribution. I recognise and reward suggestions from those within and outwith the organisation, recognise achievements and encourage others to do the same.

5.3 Driving the creation of a learning and performance culture

I plan and promote development, talent and career management for all staff. I establish ways to share learning across teams and evaluate all learning to ensure that it supports high performance and continuous improvement.


 6. Empowering (Enabling others to develop and use their leadership capacity)

6.1 Enabling leadership at all levels

I promote a culture that encourages others within and outwith the organisation to embrace leadership roles.  I actively seek input from people who use services, carers, the community and colleagues at all levels to develop leadership skills and share responsibility.

6.2 Driving a knowledge sharing culture

I have a clear strategy and action plan to enable the creation and transfer of knowledge. I build trusting relationships and a supportive environment where people are willing to share knowledge and embed it at the heart of practice.

6.3 Promoting professional autonomy 

I trust people to make decisions to achieve better outcomes. I enable contribution by handing over decision-making responsibility within well-defined expectations and boundaries whilst I retain overall accountability.

6.4 Involving people in development and improvement

I systematically encourage ideas for improvements from partners and stakeholders. I balance the views of people with relevant research and evidence from the outside world and support frontline leaders/staff in implementing improvements.