Management Training Scheme (MTS)

General management training scheme

If you're successful, you'll be posted to one of Scotland's Health Boards. You must be flexible and willing to work anywhere in Scotland.

As a successful candidate you will:

  • start on an annual salary of £24,057 with pension
  • be supported through three years work within various sections of the NHS working alongside some of Scotland's top NHS managers and clinicians
  • be fully funded support through a bespoke masters level qualification appropriate to you and your organisation need
  • have the opportunity to do a three-month elective elsewhere in Scotland or even abroad

Here's how it works:

Year 1

What you'll do

Orientation (three months)

You'll experience a range of NHS services in your host Board and across Scotland.

First placement (nine months)

You'll work in a real management post with responsibility for people, services and resources such as skills, budgets and equipment.


Year 2

What you'll do

Elective (three months)

Choose where you'd like to develop your skills and experience, perhaps in another public sector organisation.

Second placement (nine months)

You'll move into another management post in your host board, this may be at a more strategic level.


Year 3

What you'll do

After this you're guaranteed at least a full year of work, normally with your host NHS Board, during which you'll also complete your MSc qualification.

The three years in-work training is designed to give you:

  • A broad knowledge of the NHS
  • Real management responsibilities
  • An opportunity to choose a specialist area of work and study.
  • The chance to work in variety of  services within the NHS experiencing the challenges and rewards it brings

In addition, you will participate in a range of internal and external development opportunities.